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TAC Road Safety Round - July 16/17

Most people within our club knows that someone has been affected by ROAD TRAUMA. A friend or family member that has been killed and seriously injured.

Black armbands have been worn on the field to honour a death in the community for decades. This year, for TAC and AFL Victoria’s Road Safety Round, everyone in the community will wear a new kind of armband.


Across the 15-17th of July, all PIFNC teams will run out onto the field for the TAC & AFL Victoria Road Safety Round.

But this year, it’s not just the players who will be participating. It’s the entire community. To commemorate their commitment to eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the roads, captains, coaches, players and officials will wear their support in the form of a blue armband.

These bands will be available at at the Kennel and handed out to anyone who wants to get behind the cause. On every armband lies a QR code containing stories from an ever-growing number of Victorians on why road safety matters to them.



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